Kangaroo Tour Booking

Have you ever wondered...

...how fast a kangaroo can jump?

...what a kangaroo and a jelly bean have in common?

...if female kangaroos are born with a pouch?

...what's the hardest part of a kangaroos life?

YES, then it's time for a tour a Lisa's Kangaroo Retreat !!!

Here at Lisa's Kangaroo Retreat we give unique experiences! We show visitors from all over the world what it means to be a wildlife carer. 

Why not jump in and join one of our special tours at our Retreat and make unforgettable memories. Also collect extensive knowledge about marsupials, our not-for-profit retreat  and much more...

The joey's are ready for you, and we are as well...

...come on, let's book a tour together!

Our regular tours are from Thursday to Sunday at 5.00pm.

Furthermore, we offer tours by appointment every day. So if you passing through or can't make the normal tour times give us a call!

Phone: 0447 571 895